Our Mission


Encouraging those from all walks of life to invest in our community by taking strengths from within and cooperation from talents in the surrounding area for the sustainability and future growth of the Kimball area.


The Kimball Area Foundation Fund is dedicated to the improvement and long term viability of our community.


In all we do to build a better Kimball Area, the KAFF operates by these values:


We have passion, compassion, respect and empathy for our community and its members. We are sincere in all we do and approach everything with a positive attitude. KAFF operates with inclusivity by being open to all people, organizations and groups and encourage diversity through our work.


KAFF will work closely with our umbrella organization, the Nebraska Community Foundation, to ensure that we follow all legal, ethical, and moral guidelines in our activities. We are trustworthy, dependable, honest, and accountable. We can be counted on to keep our promises, operate with transparency and in a professional manner, and be well organized.


KAFF will be good stewards of time, talent and treasures entrusted to us.


We believe in creating partnerships in our area that will promote teamwork and maximize our ability to fulfill our vision and create a culture of giving.


We think ahead and are planning for the future of our area by looking at changing needs.  We use a planning process to set goals and accomplish our mission and invest in projects that will fulfill the vision for our community and move it forward. We emphasize decisions based on the long-term, positive impact they will have on the Kimball area.


We recognize that only members of our community can improve the quality of life we treasure and that pride in our community is an integral part of those improvements.

The proper aim of giving is to put the recipients in a state where they no longer need our gifts.
— C.S. Lewis